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System Engineering Approach on How to Design, Validate, and Simulate IC Decoupling


EMC System Engineering Process

Bound system for EMC

Identify source of requirements

Discover and understand requirements

Create alternatives

Select best solution

Validate best solution


Comparison of Power Distribution Design Methods

Finely spaced multi-pole

Coarsely spaced multi-pole

Single value ceramic capacitor


Board Stack-up (Layering) Scenarios

Bypass capacitor inductive loops

Capacitor loop

Via loop

Power plane loop


Strategies for Component Mounting and Via Configurations

Capacitor geometry

Capacitor terminal configuration

Capacitor land pattern design

Attached Via locations & geometry


System and Component Test Validation 

Network analyzer

Time-domain analysis

Impedance analyzer

Test Fixtures




 Decoupling Capacitor Selection

Standard capacitor

Reverse ratio capacitor

IDC capacitor

X2Y capacitor

Package size



Using Intusoft ICAP/4 software for Decoupling Simulation

Simulate Decoupling Capacitor Trade-offs

Simulate Multi-layer PCB Power Plane Trade-offs

Simulate Decoupling capacitor, Via configuration, and Power Plane Trade-offs





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Training June 7, 2013


System Engineering Approach on How to Design, Validate, and Simulate IC Decoupling

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