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Automotive Systems Engineering Approach to EMC

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A Partial List Of Companies That Jastech EMC Consulting Has Worked With In The Past

AC Rochester FEV Owatonna
Acustar First Inertia Switch Panasonic Industrial
Advanced Monolythic Ceramics Ford Motor Power Components of Midwest
ADAC Plastics Ford Truck Prince
Aerotech Engineering General Electric Control Products Quad Design/ViewLogic
AFL-PEP General Instrument Regal Beloit Corporation
Airpax General Motors Richmar Electronics
Aisin Gentex Rising Edge
Allan-Bradley Globe Motors Rockwell Automotive
Allied Automotive GM Automotive Components Group Sanders
Allied Motion Motor Products Corporation GM Truck & Bus Schukra of North America
Alpine Electronics Harada Sensors
AM General Harman/Becker Automotive Systems Sharp
AT&T Wireless Hella Electronic Siemans Automotive
ASMO Detroit Inc. Hyundai Motor SLM Electronics
Augat Intelligent Controls Smiths Industries-Aerospace
Automotive Controls Invensys Motor Syfer
Bergstrom Invotronics Manufacturing Thomas & Betts
Beta Tech ITT Automotive-Teves Tokico (USA) Inc
Bison Gear ITT Flow Control Group Trico Products
BorgWarner Jideco Truevision
Bosch Johanson Dielectrics TRW
ByTec John Deere Underwriters Laboratories
Calsonic Kansei Johnson Controls Unimotor
Coda Automotive
Chrysler Johnson Electric United Technologies
Compaq Computer Johnson Electric Automotive US Technology
Continental Automotive Canada KDS Controls Valeo
Crown Equipment Kelsey-Hayes VDO-Yazaki
Dana Lectron Products Viasystems Canada
Delco Electronics Lucas Body Systems Walbro
Delphi Automotive McCorkle Design Group Webasto Roof Systems
Delphi Safety & Interiors Megatech Electro Westinghouse
Denso International America Micro Switch Whirlpool
Denso/ASMO Monroe Auto Equipment Wicks
Dialog Semiconductor Motorola Xerox
Donnelly MSXI X2Y Attenuators
Dualtec Multicraft International Xycom
Eastman Kodak NASA L.R.C. Yageo
Eaton National-Standard Yazaki EDS Engineering
EDW Navistar Yazaki North America
Fair-Rite Products Nissan Technical Center North America  
Fasco DC Motors Olmstead Consulting  

Introduction EMC Terminology, Electromagnetic noise sources Cabling Electric field coupling, Magnetic field coupling, Coaxial cable versus shield twisted pair, Braided shields, Effect of pigtails Grounding Principles Single-point ground system, Multi-point ground system, Hybrid grounds, Galvanic action Components Capacitors, Inductors, Transformers, Resistors, Ferrite beads, Diodes, Relays: Inductive loads, Transient suppression for inductive loads Antennas in EMC Antenna types , Radiation due to accelerated charges Digital Circuit Design Noise sources, PCB layout, Power distribution, Ground planes, Decoupling capacitors, Value of decoupling capacitors, Placement of decoupling capacitors, Analog versus digital circuits, Logic families, Noise voltage objectives Digital Circuit Analysis Differential mode noise, Common mode noise, Predicting and controlling radiation Shielding Shielding effectiveness, Absorption loss, Reflection loss, Apertures, Grounding of shields, Electrostatic Discharge Human body model, Static discharge waveform, Chip protection, Circuit board level protection, Introduction Common-mode noise, Differential-mode noise, IC EMC problem areas PC Board EMC Techniques Decoupling capacitor value, Decoupling methods, Ferrite beads, Termination, Multilayer boards Transmission lines Microstrip, Stripline Power Distribution Power supply bypassing, Capacitor concerns Balancing Common mode rejection ratio, Operational amplifiers, Instrumentation amplifiers Filter Connector Different types of filtering, Partitioning of connector pins Simple EMC Measuring Techniques IFR spectrum analyzer ; FCC-TEM Cell, Test Equipment PA-102(Wideband Amplifier), Introduction EMC terminology, Electromagnetic noise sources, E-field coupling, H-field coupling Grounding Principles Low frequency ground, High frequency ground, Hybrid grounds Components used for suppression Capacitors, Inductors, Ring varistor, Ferrite beads, Brush material, Different Types of Filters, Common mode, Differential mode Motors & Relays Transient suppression for inductive loads, RF suppression for inductive loads, Antennas in EMC Antenna types, Radiation due to accelerated charges, Motor parts which act like antennas, Shielding Shielding effectiveness, Absorption loss, Reflection loss, Apertures, Grounding of shields Motor housing, Rolled steel, Drawn steel, Simple Measurement Techniques

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April 3, 2013

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James P. Muccioli,

EMC Consultant, Jastech EMC Consulting, LLC.


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"Transportation Systems EMC"

Page 74

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